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JetBlue Airlines Flight Change Policy

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JetBlue Flight Change Policy

When it's about traveling, nothing is certain. Prepared plans can change or get canceled all of a sudden. Hence, airline services provide plan-changing policies to passengers both online and offline, in which they can either shift their date of journey or take another flight to the destination. Similarly, JetBlue airlines also offer their customers to manage their reservations before take-off to avoid cancellation of the ticket. But, there is a specific JetBlue flight change policy set by the airlines that have different situations and possibilities of changing flights. Hence, it is required to go through these policies before making any changes in the travel plan.

How To Change JetBlue Flight?

For the convenience of their customers, JetBlue airlines have JetBlue Airlines official site, which can be used to change the date of the journey online. But, to change the date of the trip, the passenger will require a little information regarding the ticket like confirmation code, last name, and origin, and destination cities. After collecting the required information, follow the steps written below to complete the date change procedure.

  1. To change the date of the journey, the passenger has to visit the official website first.
  2. Then, click on the manage your flight option available at the top left corner.
  3. Now you will be asked to enter the confirmation code and the last name.
  4. And, then click on the find flight option, which will show the current booking details, then click on the booked ticket to change the booking date.

But, as per JetBlue flight change policy, the flight date change may not be possible if the booking is made using a voucher or travel certificate.

JetBlue Flight Change Through Offline

JetBlue offers its customers to change flights in both online and offline mode. But, to change flight in offline mode, customers have to call the JetBlue change flight phone number +1(888)-362-0647or the Jetblue customer support. For changing or canceling in offline mode, a fixed non-refundable fee of $25 will be charged per passenger.

JetBlue Flight Change Fee

As per the policy set by JetBlue airlines, customers can make changes in booking as per the fares chosen by them. Currently, through the only mode, JetBlue offers three fare options to their customers, and the JetBlue change fees are charged as per the fare option selected.

  1. Those passengers who have booked under basic blue fare won't be allowed to make any changes in their confirmed booking.
  2. Blue and blue plus fare tickets are allowed for making changes, but charges depend on the ticket cost.
    • For fares $200 & more, the charge will be $200/person plus fare difference.
    • For tickets between $150-$199.99, the airlines will charge $150/person plus the fare difference.
    • For tickets costing $100-149.99, flight change charges will be $100/person + fare difference.
    • A fixed charge of $75/person plus fare difference needs to be paid for tickets below $100.
  3. Blue extra fare tickets need not pay any additional charges for making any changes except the fare difference.

How To Change JetBlue Flight For Free?

Who wants to pay some extra bucks for a flight they will not board? So, there are options available to change flights without paying any additional fee to the airlines. One of the ways to get the cancellation or changes done for free is to do it online, i.e., on the Jetblue website. But, there are a few policies that you should be aware of before choosing the online way of cancellation and change. To get the tickets canceled or changed for free, the customer should have made the booking seven days or before that. Another policy of JetBlue airlines of flight change states that the ticket should be canceled or changed within 24 hours of booking, which means the free cancellation or change window will be closed the next day at the same time.

The cancelation or change fee is lifted on all fares, excluding blue basic, which means any booking made using Blue, Blue Extra, Blue Plus, or Mint will not have to pay any charges to the airlines for making changes.

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